Nutritional Ketosis Day 3

I slept like a log. I think the butter before bed is helping, I’ll repeat tonight. I woke up again earlier then usual and I felt rested. Today I had some pain in my left knee. I think fish oil is essential for me to keep inflammation down. I’ll be taking fish oil to see if it will make a difference tomorrow. I felt a bit hungry today. I suspect that I am slowly depleting my glycogen stores instead of burning mostly fat. It means am not fully keto-adapted yet. One of the greatest benefit of keto-adaptation is freedom from hunger and snacking; your body seamlessly switch from burning dietary fat to body fat without much hunger signaling.

Today I had: 1 Tbs of coconut oil and 2 Tbs of butter in a coffee in the morning and 2 Tbs of coconut oil in the afternoon. Dinner consisted of lobster with garlic clarified butter/olive oil mix, some romaine as a side salad, with sardines and 3 Tbs of olive oil in a homemade dressing. Before bed I’ll have 1 Tbs of butter with fish oil. It’s about 2000 calories for the day.

Lobster with garlic butter, mmmmm!

Lobster with garlic butter, mmmmm!


2 thoughts on “Nutritional Ketosis Day 3

    • It is indeed! The reason I’m doing this experiment publicly is because, even though I have known for years that ketosis was the way to go for me, I have struggled with it’s correct implementation. There is so much conflicting information out there (salt and butter are good examples).

      I actually feel really bad for all the innocent epileptic children and their parents who follow a nutritionist designed ketogenic diet with all that commercially available cream with carrageenans as a primary source of fat and cooked carrots and canned peaches as carb sources!

      This is why I think the work of Dr Phinney and Dr. Volek is so important, especially their latest publications.

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