Nutritional Ketosis Day 61

I am still experimenting with including more fibers into my diet. I will not consume the glucomannam, in the form of pasta, in the next couple of days and I will replace it with romaine lettuce with olive oil. I know that I do well with romaine and I want to isolate the psyllium as a fiber source.

I am currently taking 2 Tbs (10 g) per day. I mix it with 1 cup (250 ml) of diet juice (2 g of carbs) and ½ cup (125 ml) of water and I let it sit on the counter. The mix takes a similar texture to applesauce. I eat it slowly with a tall glass of water.

I’ve had mix results with fiber experimentation; yesterday, after dinner, I felt like a big blimp.

I suspect that pork will be voted off the island (tonight is my confirmation test; if tomorrow morning I have a big increase in weight I won’t eat it anymore) and psyllium is next in-line.

Weight this Morning: 0.0 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 9.2 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. I also had some black tea sweetened with xylitol. I had some curried pork tenderloin and tofu-shirataki spaghetti noodle with a coconut milk, coconut oil and butter sauce. That’s 1000 calories for today.

Pork, low carb noodles, curry, ginger, basil in coconut milk.

Pork, low-carb noodles, curry, ginger, basil in coconut milk.


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