Nutritional Ketosis Day 58

I have kept my daily intake of carbohydrate and fibers very low, especially in the last couple of weeks. The issue I have with fiber is that either they will ferment in my small intestine and create bloating/cramping or it’s too harsh and irritate my already delicate/inflamed gut lining and create pain/blockage. By keeping carb/fiber low, I have controlled most of the symptoms, especially if I keep FODMAP low. But I don’t just want to control symptoms, I want to heal.


FODMAP lists:


When I started the shirataki (pasta made with glucomannan) I immediately felt better and had a boost of energy, but I had a bit of bloat. Since starting the enzymes and peppermint oil capsules, I feel like I need a “mechanical” form of cleaning and the need to increase intestinal motility. I need to figure out a way to increase fiber. Finding the right fiber supplement for SIBO/IBS is very personal and finding what works means trial and error. What I’m looking for in a fiber supplement is low fermentation and not too harsh/aggressive.

Today I started a very small dose of psyllium powder (I had trouble with psyllium before, so I’m very careful). If you go that route, make sure it’s fairly pure; additive like malodextrin are fermentable. I will try some slippery elm too, when I get a chance to go get some. Also adding fiber means increasing water and just to be on the safe side, I’ve increased my magnesium citrate to keep more water in the intestines.

Weight this Morning: – 2.2 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 9.8 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. A coffee and black tea sweetened with xylitol. I had some blackened Cajun Haddock and tofu-shirataki spaghetti noodle with an olive oil/butter/garlic/ sauce. That’s 950 calories for today.

Delicious way to prepare firm white fish.

Delicious way to prepare firm white fish.