Nutritional Ketosis Day 62

I am trying different brands of psyllium. I started with one brand of psyllium powder and I did well. I switch to a whole psyllium husk brand I bought at a health food store. I started to have problem right from the first dose. I went out and bought another brand (and it was cheaper!), and I seem to be doing better on it (but too soon to tell definitively).

I read that there is different quality in psyllium. Apparently, as a general rule the paler, the better. Coincidentally, I can see that the one that seem to be harsher, more grainy and irritating is the darker one. The one that I just bought is almost pure white and is very fluffy, without any grits.

Difference in color. The right one is the paler, better one. Both were sold as Plantago Ovata.

Difference in color. The right one is the paler, fluffier, less irritating, better one. Both were sold as Plantago Ovata.

Weight this Morning: + 4.4 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 4.8 lbs

Pork will be definitely out of my diet for a while; almost 4.5 lbs up is a lot of inflammation!

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), cayenne pepper and salt. I also had some black coffee. For dinner I had some yogurt and frozen berries; my irritated tummy didn’t want anything else…



Nutritional Ketosis Day 61

I am still experimenting with including more fibers into my diet. I will not consume the glucomannam, in the form of pasta, in the next couple of days and I will replace it with romaine lettuce with olive oil. I know that I do well with romaine and I want to isolate the psyllium as a fiber source.

I am currently taking 2 Tbs (10 g) per day. I mix it with 1 cup (250 ml) of diet juice (2 g of carbs) and ½ cup (125 ml) of water and I let it sit on the counter. The mix takes a similar texture to applesauce. I eat it slowly with a tall glass of water.

I’ve had mix results with fiber experimentation; yesterday, after dinner, I felt like a big blimp.

I suspect that pork will be voted off the island (tonight is my confirmation test; if tomorrow morning I have a big increase in weight I won’t eat it anymore) and psyllium is next in-line.

Weight this Morning: 0.0 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 9.2 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. I also had some black tea sweetened with xylitol. I had some curried pork tenderloin and tofu-shirataki spaghetti noodle with a coconut milk, coconut oil and butter sauce. That’s 1000 calories for today.

Pork, low carb noodles, curry, ginger, basil in coconut milk.

Pork, low-carb noodles, curry, ginger, basil in coconut milk.

Nutritional Ketosis Day 59

I’m still in the process of increasing low fermentable fiber. I am aiming to get to 10 g per day (about 2 Tbs of 100% blond psyllium seed husk), which is the smallest effective dosage of psyllium I have seen in studies on fiber and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (dosage in studies were between 10-30 grams of blond psyllium (Plantago ovata) seed husk in two to three divided doses daily). I added a small amount of slippery elm too (about ½ teaspoon). So far my tummy seems to handle it; just a bit of pinching in the pipeline. I make sure I drink a lot of water and I take magnesium citrate before bed. Peppermint oil capsules and tea is a godsend to take care of bloating. I feel optimistic; I haven’t been this well in a while.

Weight this Morning: + 0.4 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 9.4 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. I also had an herbal tea and some black tea sweetened with xylitol. I went out for dinner. I had a vegetable soup, a chicken skewer with a salad (no onion), a couple of pieces of white potatoes with loads of butter. I had a glass of red wine too. When I got home I had my psyllium and slippery elm with tons of water (I should have taken it before eating). I took some peppermint tea and peppermint oil capsules before going to bed.

Nutritional Ketosis Day 58

I have kept my daily intake of carbohydrate and fibers very low, especially in the last couple of weeks. The issue I have with fiber is that either they will ferment in my small intestine and create bloating/cramping or it’s too harsh and irritate my already delicate/inflamed gut lining and create pain/blockage. By keeping carb/fiber low, I have controlled most of the symptoms, especially if I keep FODMAP low. But I don’t just want to control symptoms, I want to heal.


FODMAP lists:


When I started the shirataki (pasta made with glucomannan) I immediately felt better and had a boost of energy, but I had a bit of bloat. Since starting the enzymes and peppermint oil capsules, I feel like I need a “mechanical” form of cleaning and the need to increase intestinal motility. I need to figure out a way to increase fiber. Finding the right fiber supplement for SIBO/IBS is very personal and finding what works means trial and error. What I’m looking for in a fiber supplement is low fermentation and not too harsh/aggressive.

Today I started a very small dose of psyllium powder (I had trouble with psyllium before, so I’m very careful). If you go that route, make sure it’s fairly pure; additive like malodextrin are fermentable. I will try some slippery elm too, when I get a chance to go get some. Also adding fiber means increasing water and just to be on the safe side, I’ve increased my magnesium citrate to keep more water in the intestines.

Weight this Morning: – 2.2 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 9.8 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. A coffee and black tea sweetened with xylitol. I had some blackened Cajun Haddock and tofu-shirataki spaghetti noodle with an olive oil/butter/garlic/ sauce. That’s 950 calories for today.

Delicious way to prepare firm white fish.

Delicious way to prepare firm white fish.

Nutritional Ketosis Day 51, Coconut oil Detox Day 7

Today, I was a bit under the weather. I started feeling something was going on around 4 am and it lasted until I went to bed at night.

I felt nauseous to the point that I could not eat more than a couple of tablespoon of coconut milk/oil mix. I had constant rumbling in my tummy, mostly coming from the small intestine region. Later, I made several trip to the loo.

I had a lot of nausea and absolutely no hunger.

It makes me suspect that my digestive issues could be localized to my small intestine. It means that I could have SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) instead of/which would cause the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome is is a very broad catch all diagnostic).

Weight this Morning: + 1.6 lbs

Weight Loss Total (Starting day 45): – 6.2 lbs

Today I had: Water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother), lemon juice, cayenne pepper and salt and sparkling water. I had a couple of Tablespoon of coconut milk/oil mix. I also drank some Detox tea, to help with elimination. That’s 550 calories for today.

Nutritional Ketosis Day 28

Today marks my third week in. As I get deeper into ketosis adaptation, my body is supposed to “recycle” more protein than in the beginning. Depending on my hunger level, I will experiment with lowering my protein intake (again!). I have tried to stay around 70g/day (which is the minimum I was able to get to), but I would prefer to be around 60g/day on most days.

I will give myself a week to play with protein level and I will continue my high coconut intake, which seems to work wonders on my sinuses and digestive system.

The only glitch I had this week was a day of headache, joint pain and sinus congestion (allergy-like symptoms). Coincidentally (or not) it was the day after I had 5 eggs for dinner (a common allergen amongst human). It might be a fluke, or it might be the eggs 😦 . I will retest the same meal (several eggs with bacon) in a couple of days.

I have found that since my aggressive rounds of antibiotics, several years ago, I have developed some “food intolerance” reactions and IBS-like symptoms (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Something I have never experienced before. After trying all kind of things, I find that the high dose of coconut oil (8 Tbs/day) has helped the most (crossing fingers).

Zero hunger today. I wasn’t able to finish my coconut mix (I left about 1 Tbs) and I couldn’t get to my calorie target (1800). I find it interesting that some days I feel hungry on 2000 calories and some day I have to “force” myself to eat.

Today I had: Coffee, green tea, and water with apple cider vinegar (with the mother) before 2pm (14h). Then I had: 7 Tbs of coconut mix with spices, without sweetener. For diner at 7h30pm (19h30) I had a no cook dinner of pork rinds and Prozzutini Piquante (it is spicy prosciutto). For dessert I had some dark chocolate with a glass of red wine. That’s 1750 calories for today.

High reward foods!

All miam miam!

Tinto de Verano; Red wine with lemon flavored sparkling water (I prefer lime).

Tinto de Verano; Red wine with lemon flavored sparkling water (I prefer lime).

Smoothies, the Breakfast of Champions

Life is busy, and sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to eat as well as we know we should. It’s recommended that we consume 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables each day. Most people consume far less. Fruits and vegetables are low in salt, high in vitamins and minerals, an excellent source of fiber, as well as being rich in nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

It’s recommended that we consume between 20 and 30 grams of fiber each day. The average person consumes less than 10 grams. Fibers are known to lower cholesterol, help prevent diverticulis, IBS and constipation, keep you full longer on fewer calories and slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood.

What if you could get almost a whole day’s worth of nutrients from breakfast alone, without cooking, at a reasonable price and in only 5 minutes? This is possible, by changing your breakfast from whatever it currently is, to a Smoothie.

There are tons of good combos to be made, but make sure your smoothies have:

  • At least 20 to 30 grams of protein (quality protein powder (ideally without sugar or fructose but can be flavored ie vanilla can be a nice touch), some plain Greek yogurt, silken tofu or liquid pasteurized egg whites are good options. There are a lot of recipes online but most lack proteins, just add a neutral tasting protein to their suggested recipe)
  • A couple of handfuls of Greens (If you are new to this, start with spinach for the first couple of days/weeks. It is the less bitter of the greens. When you find an enjoyable basic recipe you can try to mix in kale, which is super healthy. I like putting a spring of parsley too.)
  • Some fats to increase the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and nutrients, like A, E and K (I like to put some avocado, coconut oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and / or nuts.
  • Fruits to increase palatability (we want to keep the total sugar low. A banana is good for texture and sugar, plus 1 or 2 other fruits like a green apple, ½ cup of pineapple or mango or a cup of berries should be enough. I also add ½ peeled lemon or lime for the extra vitamin C and to prevent oxidation of my drink. If you have sugar in your protein powder and / or in your almond / soy /coconut milk, be careful, it adds up)
  • Liquid to blend (Water, chilled green tea, milk (any type), pasteurized liquid egg whites, coconut water, silken tofu are all good options. Look for unsweetened types)
  • Enough sweetness to make it taste good and feel like a treat. If the basic drink isn’t sweet enough for your taste buds, you can put a bit of raw honey, stevia, xylitol, erythriol, a splash of orange or pineapple juice or a sweetener of your choice.
  • Enough calories to keep hunger at bay until lunch. 400 to 500 calories is a good target.

A basic recipe could be:

  • 1 banana (can be frozen)
  • 1-1 ½ cup of fruits (can be frozen)
  • 1 cup of spinach/kale
  • ½ peeled lemon
  • 12 almonds
  • 1 Tbsp of flaxseed meal
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • Protein power (pea, rice or whey)
  • 1 ½ cup of liquid

Throw everything in a blender, blend. Add some liquid to adjust consistency. Sweeten to taste, if needed.

450 calories, 15-18g of fibers, 35g of protein.

A good routine could be: get up make a nice cup of green tea, sip while getting ready.  Before leaving for work: throw everything in the blender, blend for 30-60 seconds, transfer in a big smoothie cup with a straw and slowly sip on your way to work!